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Vitaal @ Work

Vitaal @ Work is the vitality program from Erasmus Sport. The program is designed for all the employees of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, in collaboration with EZsports and sponsored by Zilveren Kruis.

It’s all about moving more, focusing on improving bad posture from being seated for too long. During the Vitaal sessions the entire body will be activated by stretching, performing balance exercises, improving mobility and even strengthening the muscles.

A Personal Trainer will come by the office to move in a safe and responsible way. On a weekly basis the EUR employees will be guided for a 20 minutes session, with their own group of 3 – 10 colleagues. During the session we focus on wishes and needs from the group. No need to change clothes, because the intensity is low, meaning Vitaal @ Work is a NO SWEAT WORKOUT.

The Vitaal participants will all be given specific exercises and tips to work on in their own time; the goal is to create insight to be able to make deliberate choices for a healthier lifestyle. With over 70 Vitaal groups per week, Vitaal @ Work truly is an indispensable part of campus. Even while working from home, we offer hybrid sessions so employees can check in online and still move together with their department.

Besides the regular Vitaal sessions, the EUR employees are also investing in themselves by joining the more intense version of Vitaal @ Work at the new Personal Training location of Erasmus Sport. Without any obligation and no matter the (fitness) level, all employees are welcome to join for a full body workout, guided by the same Personal Trainers. We offer the Vitaal circuit training 4 times a week. Join in on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 17.00h; signing up is mandatory. Interested? Contact us for the link to sign up.

Looking for something less intense? Wind down and recharge at the Vitaal @ Yoga session; given by our very own instructor Harvinder @ Hall 5. You can join every Monday at 11.00h… no signing up!

Vitaal @ Work is without any costs for the EUR employees, financed by the Erasmus University Rotterdam and powered by EZsports.

Are you interested or do you want to find out what the possibilities are for you? Send an email to or stop by Erasmus Sport Personal Training; Sports Building.