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Available now: course from August 31 until October 23

Register from Augusts 12 for this course at our service desk in the Erasmus Sport Center

Here you find the choices for days and level of tennis. All classes are outside, if weather permits. Otherwise we try to move them inside.

Per course there is room for 6 participants (for beginners level) and 4 participants for the other levels.


17.00-18.00Semi advancedMartijn Outside/Sporthal 2*
18.00-19.00competitionMartijn Outside/Sporthal 2*
15.00-16.00BeginnersJan WillemOutside 
16.00-17.00open class*Jan WillemOutside/Sporthal 2*
17.00-18.00AdvancedJan WillemOutside/Sporthal 2*
15.00-16.00beg  1/2Jan WillemOutside 
16.00-17.00Semi advancedJan WillemOutside/Sporthal 2*
17.00-18.00AdvancedJan WillemOutside/Sporthal 2*
13.00-14.00Semi advancedJan WillemOutside/Sporthal 2*
14.00-15.00AdvancedJan WillemOutside/Sporthal 2*
15.00-16.00open class*Jan WillemOutside/Sporthal 2*



Costs: €25,- per participant with valid Erasmus Sport pass.  

Upcoming tennis courses

In the next months we offer multiple tennis courses. More info will follow.

Upcoming courses 2020-2021:

26 October until 28 December 

14 January until 21 February

22 February until 1 April

6 April until 15 June

Summer course:

17 June until 6 September 

Upcoming squash courses

1st course: 7,14,21,28 september (register from August 24)
2nd course: 5,12,19,26 October (register September 21)
3rd course: 2,9,16,23 November (register from October 19)
4th course: 7,14,21 December (3 classes, €7,50. Register from November 16)
5th course: 4,11,18,25 January (register from 14 December)
6th course: 1,8,15,22 February (register from January 18)
7th course: 1,8,15,22 March (register from February 15)
8th course: 29 March, 12,19,26 April (register March 15)
9th course: 3,10,17,31 May (register from 19 April)


New squash course open for registration!

Upcoming squash course starts on September 7 until September 29. 

You can register for this course from August 24 at our service desk. Payment upon registration.

You can choose from 3 groups:

16.45 – 17.30

17.30 – 18.15

18.15 – 19.00

Costs per course: €10,- with a valid sports pass..

Aerial Silk cursus


A new course for beginners 


Duration: 6 weeks on Fridays from 16.15-17.45h, from October 16 until November 20. 


Register available from September 14 through the webshop or service desk. 


This course is free for everyone with a valid Erasmus Sport pass. 


Maximum of 10 participants.


Location: Pole Inspiration Dance Studie. Admiraal de Ruyterweg 26A, 3031 AC Rotterdam  


To participate we advice you to wear a (sports)legging and t-shirt.