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Erasmus Sport is the sport organization for all students in Rotterdam. Everyone who wants to join our extensive bodyfit program loves to fitness or is looking for the sociability of our clubs and their competitions: the Erasmus Sport pass offers all options. With your Erasmus Sport pass you get unlimited access to all parts of our bodyfit program and the squash courts and besides that, you can upgrade your pass to use our fitness facilities. Also if you want to become a member of one of our sports clubs or you want to join a tennis or a squash course, you will need an Erasmus Sport pass. The Erasmus Sport pass also offers discounts at different partners at the campus and in the city and offers you the opportunity to book a sports hall in the weekend. In short: the Erasmus Sport pass is the best complement to your study at the Erasmus University Rotterdam or Hogeschool Rotterdam! You choose what matches you best and buy your sport pass easily in our webshop or at the service desk in the Erasmus Sport Center. The Erasmus Sport pass is made exclusively for you and includes your photo. The pass, therefore, is strictly personal.
Fitness addition
Besides the basic Erasmus Sport pass, you can also choose to upgrade your pass with fitness. You can choose if you do this for one day, 1, 3 or 6 months, or just for the whole college year.
Day pass
If you aren’t an Erasmus Sport pass holder, you can use our facilities once for €6,- by purchase a day pass at the service desk. For use of the Erasmus Sport Fitness, €3,- fitness addition comes on top of the regular price.
Erasmus Sport pass lost or stolen?

If you lost your Erasmus Sport pass or if it is stolen, you can ask for a duplicate at the Service Desk. The old pass will be blocked then and made invalid in the system. The refundable deposit which was on the pass hereby expires too. By request for a new pass, we always ask you for a valid identity card. If you lost your Erasmus Sport pass you pay €7,50 for a duplicate.