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Erasmus Sport  has a state of the art fitness, diverse sustainable and  high-quality equipment from its partner Life Fitness. The equipment has been selected in such a way that there is a wide variety of individual training options for each user.

There is an extensive cardio section where you can work on condition (heart/lung) and weight control. In addition to the wide variety of cardio equipment there is also a section to train core and abs.

To train the entire body condition (muscles/joints) there is a large number, very user-friendly, machines available. The machines are in a logical order so you can start to train on your own quickly.

For the group that wants to increase (sport-specific) muscle strength and mass, there are a large number of devices (Hammer Strength) and a variety of free weights (dumbbells and barbells) and two power racks present. Unique is the Gladiator Zone where sport-specific strength training and group training, such as circuits take place.

Our trainers like to ensure responsible workouts. They can give you individual advice that you have available directly on your mobile if you have activated the Erasmus Sport app.

Personal training by EZSports

Get 2 duo personal training sessions by EZSports for only €19,- per person!
Only for Erasmus Sport pass holders.
Interested? Mail to pt@erasmussport.nl See the flyer here.

Erasmus Sport App
Download the Erasmus Sport App!

We have a real Erasmus Sport app where you can find schedules, track your progress, compile and analyze your diet.

Fitness fee
To use our gym you need to have an Erasmus Sport pass with valid fitness fee. Take a look at our webshop for the possibilities and prices.