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Spring calendar employees

Plato once said: You get to know a person better through an hour of sport than working with him for a lifetime. Here is that chance to get to know all you colleagues. Join in on our activities, they are all free (except the Erasmus Charity Run) and no sports pass is needed. Please subscribe here

March 29

Urban Self Defense

Do you feel like you need to know some tips and tricks on how to defend yourself? Urban Self Defense is a no nonsense system to defend yourself in different situations. Join this helpful class given by our instructors Dave and Franklin.

Time: 12.30 - 14.00h
Location: Hatta upstairs

April 6


Have you ever played ‘the floor is lava’? This is your chance to play this game (again)! During this game, the participants pretend that the floor is hot lava. Bring yourself to safety by using the available materials. Want to participate? Come along and jump and climb with us!

Time: 15.30 - 16.30h
Location: hall 1

April 16

Erasmus Charity Run

Have you ever wanted to run the ¼ marathon during the Marathon of Rotterdam? You still can join us on here Every employee gets a €10 discount on their ticket fee.

Time: 10.00h (start)
Location: EUC

April 25

Interfaculty Competition

The Interfaculty Competition is an hour of sport for employees. This can be squash, dodgeball, tennis, basketball, football or something completely different! Depending on the number of people joining in. Afterwards there will be drinks and snacks.

Time: 15.30 - 16.30h, excluding the drinks

Location: hall 3

May 10

Indoor Cycling

Come and follow the beat and ride at your own level at this fun Indoor Cycling class. Our instructor Ton will motivate and keep you on track, while only being surrounded by EUR employees. 

Time: 12.30 - 13.30h
Location: Hatta downstairs

May 16


Always wanted to try out rowing? Now you can! Join us together with your colleagues on an afternoon full of rowing at Skadi. The members of Skadi will show you how to row and you are going to row yourself as well! And of course, the members of Skadi will guide you through it. Isn’t this a fun thing to do with your colleagues?! Afterwards there will be snacks and drinks!

Time: 15.00 - 17.00h
Location: Skadi

June 8

Staircase Run

Can you run the 20 stairs of the Mandeville in the best time? Or run both 10 with a colleague? Start training now! Don’t take the elevator anymore and beat everyone on June 8.

Time: 14.00h (start)
Location: Mandeville

Time: 14.00h (start)
Location: Mandeville

Time: 12.30 - 13.30h
Location: Hatta downstairs

Between Mach 6 and June 8

Vitaal Intensive

Every week, from Monday to Thursday we offer a circuit training, where all employees can workout at their own level. During this training we are focusing on technique and making you understand the movements. The goal is to move responsibly but always in a fun way. Sign up by sending an email to this email address (vitaal@erasmussport).

Time: 17.00 - 18.00h
Location: Personal Training Studio (Sports Building)