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Erasmus Elite Sports

Erasmus Elite Sports was founded in 1991 to support elite athletes studying at the Erasmus University.

The aim of Erasmus Elite Sports reads as follows:

“To support the Elite Sports students who are acting at the highest level in their Sport in the Netherlands on study facility, sports facility and financial matters.”

Hereby Erasmus Elite Sports only focuses on students who study at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Erasmus Elite Sports is the intermediary between the athletes and the university. The organization also takes care of the administration, for example granting the Elite Sports status and informing the faculties. To support the athletes in the best way possible, Erasmus Elite Sports works together with education institutions, faculties, deans and other elite athlete related organizations in the Netherlands.

Do you want more information about Elite Sports and the possibilities to combine Elite Sports and your study at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, then contact the elite sports coordinator.

If you think you are eligible for a status, please fill in the intake form.

Download here the information package (Dutch).

Fill in the intake form here.


Contact details Erasmus Elite Sports coordinator:

Our elite sports coordinator is Gaby Dijkstra. She is taking care of her responsibilities from abroad. You can reach Gaby by e-mail: topsport@erasmussport.nl

Introduction meetings or (urgent) situations you want to consult by phone, she will schedule through WhatsApp or Skype. For this you can also reach her by e-mail.