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There is a summer schedule until September 3*

During the summer schedule there will be no budo classes.


In our BodyFit program you will find plenty activities each day. Group lessons from Aerobics to Zumba, Indoor Cycling to Yoga, it’s all here! With an Erasmus Sport pass you can join all these activities.


A very popular group lesson with stimulatory music, good for the heart and lung function. With aerobics you also train strength, flexibility and coordination; for sure because aerobics is besides our schedule in combination with BBB.

Core Training

A training with the emphasis on varied torso exercises, for a stabilize and powerful body-posture. Ground-exercises will be alternate with standing exercises, static and dynamic. The workout also contains exercises which will train your general condition and concludes with an extensive stretch part.

Power Pump

An intensive BodyFit-activity where you’ll be able to use weights from 1,25 to 10kg. Everything for muscles getting tighter, not for increase in muscle mass. Pay attention, we have room for 30 participants each training. You need an entree card which you can get at the Service Desk from 75 minutes before the training and for just one person. It isn’t possible to reserve.


BBB is a low-impact activity, one without jumping. The main goal is tighten the belly, buttocks and legs. For those strengthening exercises many different attributes are used like dynabands, weights and steps. BBB comes as a combination lesson back in the schedule, especially in combination with Callanetics and Aerobics.

High Intensity Training (HIT)

It’s one of the heaviest training in our program, through the short efforts encouraged the fat burning. HIT is unsuitable for novice athletes. It’s a big overload on your total body and requires a lot of energy. For beginners this can lead to injuries.


Steps is a total body training on music and suitable for everyone! It’s aimed at improving condition, coordination and muscle tone. During the lesson you’ll spend the time with stepping on and off the step in various sequences.


Through small movements and repeating, the muscles will be strengthened. Because it’s a fairly quiet workout but an intensive training, is callanetics very suitable for people with back problems or people who are recovering from injury. Callanetics BBB is a combination of Callanestics and BBB.


A very intense workout to achieve your goal: conditional on your top! A total-body-workout where you train muscles you never knew they were there. In addition to increased muscle tone it also makes you sit tightly in your own skin.


Zumba stands for fast movement and having fun. It’s a combination of fitness and Latin American dances like Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Sumba and Cumbia but than without complicated choreo’s. Zumba is one of the highlights in the BodyFit-program and it’s a party every time!

Lady Style

Lady Style dance classes will help you to catch sight of everyone. Lots of fun, dance combinations and confidence in your own beauty and grace.

Indoor Cycling

With exercises from seated to standing or ‘jumping’, but with the sprint as climax. Because of the motivated music and stimulating instructor you can get the best out the training! With the primary result to improve your heart- and lung-functions, but also working on your buttock-, legs- and back-muscles by frequently contracting those muscles.


During the Yogalesson widely used standard postures, asanas. The asanas makes the body strong, slim and supple. It also ensures more energy, relaxation and stress reduction. Yoga is suitable for everyone, there are two levelgroups in our schedule. During the lesson they will also give adjustments or options so you can choose what best suits you.

Yin yoga

At Yin yoga the accent in on stretching and easing the connective tissue, with a focus on the deeper layers and the joints.
Souplesse and flexibility will increase. In Yin yoga the poses are longer held than at other forms of yoga: you stay in a pose for about 3-10 minutes. By staying in a position for a longer period, Yin yoga can be very intens and you get more space to look for your own borders.

Strength & Conditioning

The workouts contain functional movements, so multiple muscle groups simultaneously at a relatively high intensity. This way of working out gives you a very good, if not the best result. Because of the constant variety in the workouts, you keep challenging your body so you guarantee a constant improvement of your condition. The high intensity ensures that you are making progress in all areas of fitness (endurance, strength, agility, explosiveness, speed) and continue to make progress!


Next to the BodyFit-activities are also several boxing and budosports in our sportprogram. Traditional Japanese defense sports, but also traditional military and martial arts.


Kickboxing uses various boxing and kicking techniques. These techniques are complemented by specific condition trainings, in order to achieve optimal in shape. Self-confidence, discipline and fitness, but also fun are central within this excellent workout. In addition, kickboxing is an excellent workout to lose your stress.

Pencak Silat

Pencak silat is a collective name of the traditional Indonesian martial arts. There are also developed different styles, which often imitate local animals. By pencak silat there often play spiritual elements, wich combine physical and mental development. The modern style and western interpretation focus more on the physical elements.


Judo is for everybody. Recreational and competitive are both possible at Erasmus Sport. An intensive training, with gerneral warming up and becoming increasingly specific. Throwing and not be thrown.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi comes from China. The special thing of the Tai Chi martial arts is listening to the opponent and make use of the resilience of relaxed muscles: internal energy. Important are relaxation, good posture and understanding of energy patterns. Practicing Tai Chi has beneficial effects on health, well-being and your personal performance. It brings you closer to yourself and more balanced.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga as a self-defense course against armed and non-armed aggressions. Getting to know your enemy, and how to control the situation with a non-violent but efficient method. Self-awareness, psychological mechanisms and the importance of overcoming fears are just few of the many skills that you will develop in this course. Strength is not a must, everyone has the right and the ability to defend themselves.

Urban Self Defence

During the Urban Self Defence class, you work with sport, condition and marital arts. The classes consist “pad drills” and techniques which can be used against one or more opponents. We are always looking for new students to join our class!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a self-defense sport whit emphasis on ground fighting. By the opponent to work the other to the land,  a small person with technique can win of a bigger and stronger person. To win in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu they make use controls, arm lockers, leg locks and chockes. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be practiced as a form of self-defense at Erasmus Sport, in addition to MMA, judo or traditional jiu jitsu do, but als as a competitive sport.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be practiced as a form of self-defense at Erasmus Sport, in addition to MMA, judo or traditional jiu jitsu do, but als as a competitive sport.


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